Basic data

Model: Jaguar XJ-S V12 5,3 coupe

Vehicle data:
VIN code: 2W53309BW (LHD XJ-S number 3309 from production start)
Body number: 5W5909
Engine number: 8S6498SA (original preHE)
Gearbox number: 18321 (original BW12)
Engine number, preHE replacement mounted in 1989: 7P32088SA
Engine number, HE replacement mounted in 1996: 7P61313HA. Donor car was an 1989 XJ12
Gearbox number, GM 400 replacement mounted together with above HE mentioned engine: Unknown
Diff: 2:88 LSD (limited slip differential)
Colour: Westminster Blue

First registration in Germany: KS – ZS 89
Second registration in Germany: CLP – DJ 52
Registration in Nigeria: LAA397BF
First (and current) registration in Denmark: MZ 36 509

Maximum Speed: 240 kmh
0-100 kmh: 7.5 seconds
Engine power: 295 HP
Engine torque: 430 Nm
Consumption average: 13.8 l/100km (with HE engine and 2.88 diff)

Length: 487 cm
Height: 124.8 cm
Width: 179.3 cm
Wheelbase: 259.1 cm
Weight: 1700 kg. Informations vary a lot though…
Fuel capacity: 90 liters
Engine oil: 11 liters
Coolant: 21 liters