Door mirrors

The door mirrors was quite loose in the adjusting links, and as a result they go out of adjustment above appr. 130 kph.

The lower link is kept tight by a screw, that is accessible when the mirror is unscrewed from the door. Simple operation, as the 2 large screw are mounted from the outside. Clearly a construction from better times, where the risc of someone stealing parts from your car was low. I tightened this in 2016, but it didn’t solve the undesired ‘auto folding’ feature.

The upper link obviouosly requires removal of the mirror glass. This turned out to be so easy that I had to make videos and share it with you. Push in glass, remove plastic retaining profile and… Glass is free !
Reassembly is just the same: Push in glass/spring/cardboard disc and get the profile placed correctly.

This procedure will most likely apply to other Jaguars from the 70’s like E-type, XJ Series 1, 2 and maybe 3