Service log 1990s

(???) indicates notes in the handwritten log might be decoded wrongly

The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1990

18.04.1990 2650km Air conditioning repaired at AB with new filter/dryer Danfoss type CX.
4100km Vacuum regulator repaired with rubber diaphragm (Lucas nr 2PS 73140A).
New main fuel filter
New inlet fuel pressure regulator
CO2 ~ 2.5% at idle and 0.5% at 2500 RPM.
Fuel pressure 2 kg.
13.07.1990 4700km New drain from the heating appliance.
03.08.1990 New water temperature sensor  mounted (CTR 126)
18.08.1990 New oil pressure sensor.
09.09.1990 5500km Lower ball joints greased + steering rack in the middle.
13.09.1990 ECU setting back to the middle (after previous adjustment attempt).
Vacuumregulator is adjusted (CO 2% at idle and 0.2% at 2500 RPM).
14.09.1990 New drive belts
16.09.1990 Computer adjusted to the left of the middle CO 1% in both sides also at 2500 RPM
Exhaust now light gray, without smoke and soot.
05.10.1990 5800km Water pump repaired. New bearings and gaskets.
Oil filter changed at Jaguar dealership.
Oliefilter block dismantled for new O-rings.
12.10.1990 6300km Rear axle grease points lubricated
Oil level in differential checked.
22.11.1990 New Clarion radio (2x20W-P795).


The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1991

19.01.1991 6867km New front subframe
New steering rack (used)
New engine mounts
New coolant expansion tank.
All rubber bushings in front suspension and anti roll bar renewed.
New steering column universal joint
Seal at oilfilter housing at engine replaced.  New O-rings.
30.03.1991 7200km Rear axle grease points lubricated
5 pcs Pirelli P5 tires 215/70-15.
22.05.1991 7800km Checked differential oil (too much)
01.07.1991 8400km 6 new spark plugs on the right bank
Leak at the 3 rear intake gasket (6 hours of troubleshooting).
27.07.1991 9100km Lower ball joints greased + steering rack in the middle.
02.10.1991 10544km Computer swapped with reserve.
22.10.1991 Ignition controlled OK 10 ° BTDC
12 November 1991 11100km Lower ball joints greased + steering rack in the middle.
Vacuumregulator 1/2 (turn ?) forward.
17.11.1991 11250km Rear axle grease points lubricated


The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1992

01.01.1992 11430km Speedometer cable removed and lubricated. Molycote grease
05.01.1992 11500km Oil Change/Engine. 20W50 + Molecote (???) 2dl.
13.01.1992 New Bosch battery (from the XJ6).
18.01.1992 Antenna amplifier mounted in the trunk. The amplifier is supplied from the antenna output on radio. Fuse on exit (???).
05.05.1992 12100km 6 pcs spark plugs on left bank changed with 6 pieces from the replacement 01.07.1991 done 6000km meaning that all spark plugs shall be changed at 23000km ODO
08.05.1992 12200km Checked differential oil. OK.
Bolts at rear lower fulcrums tigthened second time
16.05.1992 12353km Fuel pressure checked in right and left system = 2 kg. OK.
21.05.1992 12500km Front subframe lubricated at the top and bottom
23.05.1992 12530km Purchase of CO tester. Vacuumring (???) 1/4 Rev. forward (forward = more lean) and the computer 1/2 turn to the right of the field. The engine runs better and burns white. CO = 2% throughout the region (dangerous (???)).
27.05.1992 13000km Front wheel bearings lubricated, front brakes calipers cleaned and lubricated. OK.
Steering unit sealed with silicone rubber
30.05.1992 Vacuumregulator slightly forward (more lean). CO = 1.5% at 700 rpm, 1% at 2500 RPM.
01.08.1992 14111km Rear wheel bearings filled up (5 strokes in each)
07.08.1992 14213km New ignition rotor arm + ignition… (???).
Vacuumregulator repaired (new diaphragm).
Ignition controlled 10 ° at 800 rpm, 24 ° at 2000 RPM with vacuumregulator detached.
28.08.1992 14740km Vacuumregulator (pressure regulator) has been calibrated against a brand new (borrowed) unit

1) New regulator fitted
2) Computer adjusted to 1% CO
3) Original vacuumregulator adjusted to achieve 1% CO. The governor needed to be turned left 1/2 a turn (leaner) .Now it should thus be in order
At 3000 rpm. CO = 0.25 unburned petrol ca. 0%

09.09.1992 15000km Front subframe lubricated at the top and bottom
06.12.1992 16500km 2 new headlights (1 covered by insurance) (5000DKK a piece from Jaguar).
13.12.1992 16500km Full rear end lubrication. OK.
Differential checked for oil level. OK.
Tectyl applied where needed.


The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1993

19.02.1993 17400km Front ball joints greased + steering rack in the middle.
09.03.1993 18000km New oilfilter Engine.
19.03.1993 18000km Both rear bearings checked for grease. OK.
27.03.1993 18000km The original computer mounted again (spare cut out at 2200 rpm).
28.03.1993 18000km Idle (AAV) adjusted. Plate mounted in the filter box, blocking half of the area (limiting of idle speed). (There is a sketch of this in the log book)
The vacuum regulators resistors checked and found to be in order. (There is a drawing of this with measurements in the log book)
10.04.1993 18500km Front ball joints lubricated.
All belts adjusted
1/2 can of Bar Leak on the cooling system to avoid corrosion.
Body waxed allover
14.05.1993 19500km New wiper blades (rubber). TRICO.
Length: 400 mm left-right 380 mm.
26.05.1993 19800km Rear axle lubricated and inspected.
Brakes OK.
09.06.1993 20200km Front ball joints lubricated.
Alternator belt tightened slightly.
16.06.1993 20300km The left bank spark plugs changed to used spark plugs done 10000 km (05.05.1992)

All spark plugs must be replaced by 27000km! (right hand has then done 18600km and right 17000km).

Right hand is also adjusted to 0.65 gap

21.07.1993 21300km Oil change 15W50  + 10ltr + 2dl Molycote
Ball joints lubricated at the front.
29.07.1993 21500km Rear axle lubricated
Oil levels in differential checked. OK.
(Leak. Too much oil?)
09.08.1993 21700km Air filters cleaned with compressed air.
28.08.1993 22300km Ball joints and steering rack lubricated.
03.09.1993 22300km Vacuumregulator arm fallen of in distributor! Dismantled and bent down in the arm that goes in to the rotor. Ignition timing checked and found OK.
A/C filled with Freon 12. 13,5 kg Freon 12 purchased (Appr. 1 kg in the system). Gross weight 16 kg.
28.09.1993 23150km Ball joints lubricated at the front axle
Ignition (???) controlled. OK.
02.10.1993 Vacuumregulator rear screw 1/16 turn CW
Drain (???) mounted at the compressor.
11.10.1993 23800km Rear axle lubricated
Rearend controlled. OK.
27.10.1993 24300km Brake fluid changed at both front wheels ca. 1/4 liter replaced.
Left front wheel bearing adjusted and lubricated.
28.10.1993 24300km Tracking of the front wheels-> toe out to toe in = 0 (IE the front wheels run parallel)
13.11.1993 24600km Ball joints lubricated at the front axle
Drain from the heating unit cleaned.
Tectyl injected into the body at the front jacking points etc.
Fan fluid coupling is lubricated (???). Molycote (???) + oil.
04.12.1993 24800km Injection cleaner in petrol (2nd time)
10.12.1993 25250km Left hand brake caliper dismantled for mounting of 2 new brake pads (one was lost (???))
7 hours DIY !


The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1994:1994

01.01.1994 25300km Start of year mileage
22.01.1994 25500km Rear axle lubricated
27.01.1994 25500km Ignition timing checked. OK.
16.03.1994 26000km Tectyl injection in the right and left sills rear part (12 mm hole drilled in front of the left rear wheel).
Lubrication of the left rear wheel bearing using molycote grease. Approximately 4 pumps. Addition (???) of retaining hook for bump stop rear (Sketch in the logbook)
26.03.1994 26200km Right rear tyre patched (nail…). Valve changed.
05.04.1994 26600km Front axle greased: Lower ball joints and steering rods
13.04.1994 26800km 12 new spark plugs (0, 65 mm gap).
17.04.1994 Windscreen washer motor/pump switched (used part).
Both air filters checked for dirt.
22.04.1994 27000km Right front wheel bearing and upper ball joint lubricated.
03.05.1994 27500km Rear axle greased.
Diff checked for oil. OK.
05.06.1994 28400km Front axle lubricated (steering rack and lower ball joints).
Ignition controlled = 12°BTDC. (Too high. Must to be checked and adjusted).
15.06.1994 28660km New ignition leads with 5kΩ caps (the existing was 5-11kΩ).
26.06.1994 29000km Lubrication of tensioner bearing for A/C compressor.
28.06.1994 29100km New air conditioning compressor.
02.07.1994 Right rubber bellow on steering rack renewed. Tracking, adjustment and lubrication.
04.07.1994 29200km Right front shock absorber exchanged with good used.
02.08.1994 2 upper radiator hoses and large lower hose changed. Provided by Jaguar workshop (name mentioned in the log-book).
15.08.1994 30000km Wooden steering wheel mounted.
19.08.1994 30150km Rear axle greased + diff oil level OK.
31.08.1994 30500km Oil change + new oil filter + 2dl Molycote
05.09.1994 30500km The 2 water hoses to the heater changed
Front axle lower greased + steering rack.
10.09.1994 30500km Vacuum regulator 1/4 turn in (to the right) as it was after adjustment per 28.08.1992 (???)

CO = > 0.5-1.5.

Ignition adjusted to 10° at 700 rpm
21.09.1994 30750km Lower radiator hoses changed. In total 8 hoses changed.
13, 5 l coolant replaced with 40% coolant + 1 can antileak (Holt’s RADWELL).
30.09.1994 31000km Spark plug gaps adjusted to 0, 65 mm
25.10.1994 31850km Replacement of bearing at the compressor pulley (warranty repair).
03.11.1994 32100km Front axle greased + steering rack.
09.11.1994 32100km Right rear bearing checked for grease, 2 pumpstrokes added.
Left rear bearing checked for grease, 5 pumpstrokes added
Tectyl treatment of the rear wheel arches.
22.11.1994 32100km Tectyl treatment of the right front wheel arch.
Lubrication of the right front wheel bearing and upper ball joint
12.12.1994 32500km + 1,25dl Molycote in the engine oil, totally 3,25dl added (see 31.08.1994)
23.12.1994 32800km Rear axle lubricated


The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1995:1995

01.01.1995 33114km Mileage at beginning of year
02.02.1995 33400km New battery BOSCH URS.R.AKK. 70AH. 315A.
10.02.1995 33600km 1 bottle injector cleaner added to fuel (3rd time)
15.02.1995 33600km Ignition timing checked. OK. (10 °). Cold start relay cleaned. Now the engine starts !
16.02.1995 33700km Left air filter cleaned. Expansion tank/vent pipes are led down to the bottom. Controlled. OK. (???)
02.03.1995 34000km Front axle ball joints lower and upper + steering rack lubricated
22.03.1995 34000km Left rear wheel bearing lubricated (2 pumpstrokes)
New pressure cover 13 pd. (100 PSI ??) (could be coolant filler cover?)
31.03.1995 34650km Rear subframe lubricated, diff + 15 ml EP80 with Molycote grease, next time at 39000km
Spare wheel ↔ The right front wheel, bearing lubricated + upper ball joint
06.04.1995 34650km Tracking checked
18.05.1995 36000km Spare wheel ↔ Left front wheel swopped. Upper balljoint lubricated.
24.05.1995 36200km Left rear wheel bearing filled up
07.06.1995 36500km Front subframe lubricated.
10.06.1995 36700km Right rear wheel bearing filled up
20.07.1995 37500km Front brakes checked, right inner brake pad 0.5 mm. OK (???)
Lower ball joints + upper right ball joint greased.
09.08.1995 37800km CO% checked: 1% at idle and at 2500 RPM. OK
15.08.1995 38100km Injector cleaner in fuel 4th time. Left front wheel balanced.
15.09.1995 38700km Spark plugs checked. OK. Gaps have not changed since 31000 km!
29.09.1995 39000km Rear subframe lubricated. Oil change (9 litres without oil filter) + 280ccm Molycote
29.09.1995 39100km Front subframe lubricated
10.10.1995 39500km Left rear wheel bearing lubrication checked: OK
25.10.1995 39800km New vacuum regulator in the distributor. Cost 1109 DKK

1996 part 1

The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1996 before the replacement of the engine:

10.01.1996 40500km Front lower and upper ball joints lubricated.
Front brake pads checked. Left 0,4 mm. Toe in 5 mm must be corrected.
03.03.1996 40900km Tracking adjusted 1/4 turn in on the right track rod
07.03.1996 41100km Rear wheel bearings checked for grease.
New growlers on hub caps (best guess…)
Front wheel bearings lubricated, upper ball joints lubricated.
Hub caps tigthened (???)
12.03.1996 42000km 4 new tyres Yokohama 215/70-15 VE MT1485 (prod date 08-95)
02.04.1996 42300km Right and left front brake pads (inner pads changed).
17.04.1996 42400km Rear suspension greased. Rear end controlled.



42500km Rebuilding with HE motor + GM gearbox (see this page )


Engine upgraded to HE-version in 1996

The original engine in this XJ-S V12 from 1977 was replaced in 1989 in connection with restoration (see elsewhere). But in 1996 or, in fact, already in 1995, it’s decided that the engine must be upgraded later HE-version of the same V12 engine. The HE-version has compared to the original PreHE Higher compresion, socalled May combustion chambers allowing more lean mixture, more modern injection and ECU, and all this which mainly results in a better fuel economy (“better”, not “good” …;-)

The ‘new’ HE engine is from a road damaged English 1989 Jaguar XJ12 with 80,000 miles ODO
The new engine number is 7P61313HA and there is a purchase receipt of 18.000 DKK for the parts + 3.800 DKK for dismounting the parts dated 1. december 1995 for engine, gearbox and accesories.

The engine is mounted during the spring/summer 1996 by an authorized Jaguar garage and on the invoice it just says “Engine swapped and miscellaneous parts replaced”.

The old PreHE engine (engine number 7P37088SA) is sold for 10.000 DKK 6. September 1996

1996 part 2

The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1996 after engine replacement




42500km In connection with the replacement of the engine (see this page) also performed the following:
New air condition filter drier with sight glass
Steering rack: New gasket at column, new mounts
Drive shaft shortened 75mm + balanced with new UJ joints
New oil cooler (from the XJ12-1989).
New spark plugs.
New oil filter. Oil change. 4% Molycote
Computer and installations (???) from the XJ12-1989 mounted.
410ccm Molycote + 1 cooler sealant.
43000km Ignition set at 20 ° at 3000. 5 ° before at 500 rpm.
43500km Injectors cleaner
06.06.1996 43700km Front wheel bearings adjusted and lubricated.
Front suspension greased.
11.08.1996 45200km “New” rear diff 2.88:1 (80ccm Molycote w oil change ≈ 4.7% + lubrication of rear suspension)
New rear brake discs + pads
45500km Front lower and upper ball joints lubricated.
01.10.1996 47100km Rear suspension lubricated
08.10.1996 47600km Front suspension lubricated
11.11.1996 48500km Underbody waxing: Full floor and all 4 wheel arches, 6 hours.
Rear wheel bearings checked. OK.
11.12.1996 49000km Front suspension lubricated
Fans checked.
effect 49150km Timing chain changed (Rattled at 1100 RPM).
Fuel pressure controlled ≈ 2,5 kg.
1 new tyre for the spare wheel
Freon 1 kg.


The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1997:

13.01.1997 50000km Oil change + 300ccm Molycote + new original oil filter
13.02.1997 50500km Rear subframe and drive shaft universal joints lubricated
Front lower ball joints greased
10.03.1997 Brake hose for rear subframe replaced (5 hours) (Rear brakes blocked due to collapsed hose)
08.04.1997 51400km The computer back in its original position.
14.04.1997 51500km Left front brake bled, upper ball joints lubricated.
25.04.1997 51800km Air filters cleaned. OK.
Front end greased.
10.05.1997 52200km Rear end greased
15.05.1997 52200km Tracking, toe in reduced
03.06.1997 Freon + 0,3 kg (approximately)
06.06.1997 52500km Left rear wheel bearing 3 strokes of grease
25.06.1997 53000km Front lower ball joints greased
04.08.1997 54000km Front lower ball joints greased
08.08.1997 54100km Rear subframe and drive shaft universal joints lubricated
24.09.1997 Underbody waxing: underside and all 4 wheel arches. Tectyl ML + black Tectyl Body
20.10.1997 55400km Front end greased.
21.10.1997 55500km Rear end greased

The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1998:

56100km Front axle lower greased
07.04.1998 56700km Left front brake caliper cleaned, lubricated and bled
Left front ball joint lubricated.
22.04.1998 Right front brake caliper bled
14.05.1998 2 new bonnet gas struts mounted
05.06.1998 Inlet fuel hose at the fuel filter leaking; tigthened, but needs to be replaced at occasion
08.07.1998 57500km Oil change (11 litres) + 300 ml Molycote + oil filter.
27.07.1998 57800km Front lower ball joints + steering rack greased.
RH lower anti roll bar link: Spacer mounted to take up slack.
July 29.1998 58000km Rear end greased.
07.09.1998 58200km All spark plugs adjusted and cleaned.
29.10.1998 59000km Front lower ball joints + steering rack greased.

The logbook shows that the following is carried out during 1999:

03.02.1999 60000km Front lower ball joints + steering rack greased.
18.03.1999 60260km Rear axle greased etc.
25.03.1999 60600km Front brakes cleaned and bled. Upper ball joints lubricated.
01.04.1999 Cooler sealant added.
01.05.1999 61000km Downpipe on the left side patched.
61200km Rear wheel bearings left + right greased.
17.05.1999 61400km Front end lower lubricated.
18.05.1999 0,2 kg of Freon added
29.05.1999 61700km Rear end greased.
03.06.1999 61800km A/C idler pulley bearing and water pump bearing lubricated using ordinary BP grease
09.06.1999 62000km Left front brake prepared for MOT. New brake pads.
11.06.1999 62100km Brake + fuel lines cleaned and coated with Tectyl. OK.
04.07.1999 62400km Ball joints lower front lubricated.
10.08.1999 63300km New stainless downpipes.
New steering column, and the original steering rack mounted.
New rubber boots + addition of spacer/washer at (???) arms
12.08.1999 63300km Front lower ball joints lubricated.
13.08.1999 MOT. Brakes pulling at both the front and rear axle
CO = 0.8
Calibers loosened and new pads all round  switched back.
63400km Rear end lubricated
18.08.1999 MOT passed with no comments
Front wheel bearings greased.
A/C idler pulley bearing lubricated.
31.08.1999 63800km Rear diff oil. 1/3 of the molycote-oil replaced with 80/90 EP.
Diff LH output bearing leaking a bit, probably due to too much oil filled at 45000km stand. The oil gets thinner with Molycote!
64000km Front axle lubricated
02.09.1999 Polish and wax
05.09.1999 64250km Oil change 15W40 Duckhams Plus + new oil filter + 200ccm Molycote
64500km Tracking. See 02.07.1994 (same method used)
27.10.1999 64800km Front axle lower lubricated.
03.11.1999 65000km Rear grease points lubricated
Rear end checked
Universal joints lubricated.
Rear diff oil level checked.
10.11.1999 Split in the steering rack at steering column renewed (DIY work 5 hours)(see sketch below)
22.11.1999 Halogen bulb 10W RH front position light (3 hours). + 1 in spare
28.12.1999 66000km Front axle lower and steering rack [lubricated?]
30.12.1999 66000km New oil pressure sensor. The old one was very leaky, lost ca. 0.75 litres of oil in 4 days.