Service log 2000s – Raw translation is ready

Disclaimer: The below text is machine translated (so far…) !


Of the logbook shows that the following is carried out in the course of 2000:

24.02.2000 66500km Forbro bottom + rack [clockwork].
Rear subframe lubricated.
13.05.2000 68000km Forbro and rear subframe lubricated.
30.05.2000 68400km Rear wheel bearings greased.
24.07.2000 68800km Left front wheel rent greased + upper ball
Left front brake doenst.
01.09.2000 69500km New air filter left.
New air filter right side.
04.09.2000 69500km Forbro bottom carry ball lubricated.
12.09.2000 69700km Oil change. Oil filter. + Malycote (???)
Bagvogn greased.
Rearend oil level OK.
23.09.2000 70000km Replaced radiator hose in the expansion tank → cool studs + coolant replaced (5 hours).




Of the logbook shows that the following is carried out during 2001:

09.01.2001 70500km Forbro greased bottom + steering rack
19.04.2001 71300km Forbro + rear subframe lubricated.
Brakes overhauled, and more.
Front pads (psychic pilots) dismantled (???)
23.05.2001 71700km Car sight OK.
13.06.2001 71800km Dyserens + cooler seals.
72600km Forbro lower lubricated.
11.10.2001 73200km Rear subframe greased + forbro + bottom rack.




Of the logbook shows that the following is carried out during 2002:

19.01.2002 73150km Oil levels rearend OK. Leaking?
17.02.2002 74250km Oil change. Oil filter + Malycote (???) 125ccm.
19.03.2002 74250km Forbro upper + lower + tooth pole greased.
Rear subframe + shaft drive [clockwork]?
Petrol’s + cooler seals.
02.04.2002 6 spark plug wires A-row measured approx. ≥ 5kΩ. OK.
20.05.2002 75500km Right and left rear wheel bearings greased. OK.
03.06.2002 75500km Forbro top and bottom lubricated.
16.06.2002 75500km Water pump rental lubricated.
19.07.2002 76000km Fuel filter changed.
21.07.2002 76200km Rear subframe greased + miscellaneous.
19.08.2002 76800km Left front wheel rent adjusted slightly.
Lubrication of front bærekulge (left?).
Lubrication of bottom wear balls (left?).
Replacement washer and rubber bottom at right front stabilizer bar.
02.09.2002 77100km Water pump lubricated.
25.10.2002 77400km Rear subframe greased + gimbal at both ends.
24.11.2002 77600km Forbro bottom bullets lubricated.
18.12.2002 77900km Right front wheel top and bottom wear bullets lubricated.
Rack tried gasketed top with spring and packing.



Of the logbook shows that the following is carried out in the course of 2003:

10.01.2003 Oil levels rearend OK.
19.01.2003 78000km Water pump lubricated.
21.03.2003 78400km New drive belts: Dynamo, air conditioning, Fan, Power steering. Take turns with (name and price mentioned in the log-book).
04.04.2003 78500km Front brakes vented, new brake pads.
Bearings adjusted and lubricated.
22.04.2003 78600km Forbro carry balls at the top + bottom [smeared?].
30.04.2003 78600km Rear subframe greased + cross-gimbal by rearend.
02.05.2003 78600km Petrol filter cleaned.
New fuel hose to the filter.
07.05.2003 78600km The sight and approved (brake lines underbody cleaned)
01.06.2003 78800km Water pump lubricated.
05.06.2003 78800km Tracking wheel + 1/4 Rev. (characters for “counterclockwise”) right track rod (more spidsning).
07.07.2003 79000km Dyserens + cylinder head + a-or-other (???)
07.08.2003 79350km Oil change + filter + malycote 1300ml
12.08.2003 Water pump lubricated.
30.08.2003 79500km Forbro bottom bullets lubricated.
02.09.2003 Water pump lubricated.
not published yet 80000km Rear subframe greased etc.




February 2008

4 new tyres 215/70WR15 Pirelli P4000 is mounted
Diff sealing changed, oil level checked
Brake mastercylinder changed
Oil and filter changed


The Jaguar stays in the family

PBV inherits the car after his father, BBV, in 2009 by odometer 87.400 km.

In august 2010 the Jaguar dealership makes a major service using 36 hours on the car:

▪ Brakes inspected and repaired
▪ Front brake discs replaced
▪ Front calipers refurbished
▪ Front brake hoses and brake lines replaced
▪ Rear brake discs cleaned
▪ Brake fluid changed
▪ Front bump stops replaced
▪ Front anti roll bar links repaired (bushings replaced)
▪ Rear shock absorbers replaced
▪ Rear radius link arms replaced
▪ Rear anti roll bar repaired. Joints and bushings replaced
▪ Exhaust clamps replaced
▪ The vehicle inspected, and more.